• House call services to current clients
    (Some restrictions apply)
  • Routine Annual Exams and Illness Exams
    dogs, cats, reptiles, and pocket pets
  • Routine vaccinations and preventative care
  • Hospitalization for various illnesses and diuresis
    (We do not have 24 hour supervision of hospitalized animals)
  • Therapy Laser for several inflammatory processes
  • Radiology and In-house Laboratory for immediate results
  • Essential Oil Therapy
    Using DoTerra's CPTG oils and oil products as well as other natural alternative treatment methods and traditional pharmaceutical treatments
  • Laser Surgery
    Provides less bleeding, less swelling, less pain and quicker healing than traditional scalpel methods
  • Spays and Neuters (dogs, cats and rabbits)
  • Soft tissue Procedures
    Including foreign body retrievals, exploratories, and biopsies
  • Orthopedic Procedures
    Including fracture repairs, amputations and some cruciate ligament repairs
  • Ocular Repairs
    Including enucleations, entropion and cherry eye repairs
  • Reconstructive Surgeries
    Including wound repairs, skin fold resections and mass removals
  • Prophylactic Dental Cleanings and minor extractions
  • Chemotherapy
  • Euthanasia of terminal patients and grief support
  • Shelter and Animal Rescue support
  • At home euthanasia/ hospice care

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